Episode #12 – Jerome Mathew – The Blindfolded Pianist

In the latest episode, I chat with Jerome Mathew, a musician in the making. J is an absolute rockstar with the piano and plays his songs blindfolded as a dedication to the original composers.

We had a candid conversation where we talked about his music background, his decision to go blindfolded, his musical inspiration, his memorable performance at a college fest that later became a sensational hit on Youtube, and more. 

Last but not least, Jerome plays 3 of his favorite songs blindfolded, live on the episode for 5 full minutes!

Here’s a sneak peek:


You can check out his work here:

Instagram: @TheBlindFoldedPianist | Twitter: @JoeyBlindFolded

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Dive right in.


Episode Guide:-

03:25 – Shout out to Mukil Ganesan

06:40 – Where it all began: Age 5

11:20 – College fest and the subsequent viral hit

21:50 – Live Performance❤️

28:48 – Going blindfolded

35:00 – Taking the leap

37:30 – Musical Inspiration

40:00 – Balancing between the 9 to 6 and the 6 to 9

43:25 – A friendship for a lifetime

Show Notes:

Natpin Isai – Youtube Sensation

Mark Lloyd – The other half of the dynamic duo

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