Ep #30 – Vedika Jain – On the Road Less Taken, Venture Capital, and Building on the internet | Weekend Fund

In the latest episode of The Takeaway Club, I chat with Vedika Jain, who is one of the coolest people on Tech Twitter. Vedika is currently a VC at the Weekend Fund, and previously held product roles at companies like Stripe and True Layer.

Vedika has a rather unusual and one of the most interesting career paths I’ve come across which started as a 17 year old immigrant to the US, studying Economics at UC Berkley.

In our conversation, we spoke at length about her early life and how some of the decisions her parents made set her up for success, her transition from Product to Venture capital which included writing fantasy memos on weekends by gathering information on TechCrunch and how that eventually led her to Ryan Hoover and the Weekend Fund.

If you are startups, venture capital, unusual career paths or pop culture references, you will absolutely love this conversation. You can find Vedika at Twitter.

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