Ep #23 – Vanshika Mehta – The Ultimate Freelance Masterclass

In this episode, I had the absolute delight of talking to Vanshika Mehta, a freelancer who’s creating all kinds of waves on LinkedIn.

Vanshika has been freelancing for close to a couple of years now and is incredibly good and successful at what she does – and that has flawlessly translated into our chat as well.

We break down the ABCs of freelancing, and go all the way upto Z – where Vanshi breaks down everything one needs to know about a freelancing journey.

We talk about processes, pricing, red flags, tools, getting your first project… pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to freelancing.

Whether you are someone looking to pick up freelancing, or already freelancing, I guarantee there’s something new for you to learn from this episode.

Show Notes

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