Episode #4 – Fundraiser: Karthee Vidya Volunteer – Memoirs of an NGO Leader


I met Karthee Vidya only a few months ago – a brief 2-minute encounter at a networking event.

Honestly, at that time I had little idea of what Team Everest was doing.

Later, after some browsing I realized the magnitude of their life-changing volunteering efforts – since then, I’ve wanted to have this conversation.

In this episode, we discuss at length, Team Everest’s volunteering initiatives, how the life of someone who has devoted their entire life to others look like, and how easy it is to change someone’s life if we have the heart.

There’s more.

Inspired by Karthee’s efforts, we are running an impromptu fundraiser.

For every person who listens to the episode, The Takeaway Club™ will make a fixed contribution to Team Everest’s volunteering programs upto a sum of Rs.10,000.


Here’s an update on the fundraiser.

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