Ep #32 – Sanjeev NC | Masterclass: Art of Meme Making – Creator Mode, Context Switching, Getting Cancelled

In the latest episode, I speak with Sanjeev NC, who is a fast-growing content creator known for his parody videos based on everyday happenings in startups – situations like product demos, sales presentations, standup calls have all been fodder for his hilarious content helping him rake up hundreds of thousands of views on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The closest and most accurate comparison I can think of for his videos is: Silicon Valley X TikTok.

The conversation I had with Sanjeev is nothing short of a Masterclass on Meme Making where he breaks down even the smallest of details with utmost sincerity and I cannot recommend this episode enough if you’re someone creating content on the internet.

You can listen to the episode on your favorite audio platforms:-

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