Ep #17 – Roshan Cariappa – On Podcasts, Personal Growth, Content | Bhāratvaarta

As The Takeaway Club™ returns for a Season 2, I chat with Roshan Cariappa, who has over 12 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and operator at early stage as well as fast-scaling growth-stage startups.

Roshan specializes in doing the zero to one journey and setting up cross-functional teams at fast-growing startups and currently heads Marketing at Vymo.

Apart from this, Roshan also hosts two incredibly successful podcasts – The Startup Operator where he talks to founders and other leaders in the Indian startup ecosystem and Bhāratvaarta, a podcast that brings together diverse perspectives on matters that impact India and its people where he talks to academics, entrepreneurs, technologists, and other experts.

Between the Startup Operator and Bhāratvaarta, Roshan has published over 120 episodes in the past year alone, talking to the likes of Sridhar Vembu, Balaji Srinivasan, Ajit Pai, Amish Tripathi, Harsh Madhusudan among other esteemed guests. You can connect with him on Twitter (@RoshanCariappa) and LinkedIn (Roshan Cariappa)

Episode Guide:

00:0004:52 – Who is Roshan Cariappa and what is his story?

08:45 – Social media game – How platforms have evolved over different eras?

12:40 – Guiding principles in early 20’s

18:30 – Hard choices

19:30 – Frame of mind doing two wildly successful podcasts in completely different genres

25:30 – Preparing for conversations on dense topics with niche experts

29:30 – Perks of going with an open mind when it comes to podcasting

32:10 – Personal favorites from Startup Operator & Bharatvaarta

36:40 – What does a typical week look like for Roshan Cariappa?

39:30 – Random Deck

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