Ep #19 – Indumati – Psychology 101

This is one of the most important episodes for myself and the podcast – for both what it means personally and what it represents at a broader level. Mental health is a delicate topic that I’ve been passionate about and I got a chance to sit down with a subject expert to get their perspective on what it means to study minds for a living.

In this candid chat with Indumati, we touch on some of the most frequently asked questions around mental health, why it is important now more than ever to take interest, and what the road looks like for someone practising psychology in the early 20s.

In the interest of keeping the conversation useful for a wide audience, we don’t go around too deep into individual rabbit holes but rather jump places more horizontally – hence, the title Psychology 101.

Episode guide:-

00:00 – 06:00 – Who is Indu and what is her story?

07:15 – Experience picking up Psychology in Masters vs. Undergrad

10:10 – Why are people so conscious around psychologists?

14:10 – How do psychologists keep an open mind even after hearing someone’s darkest secrets?

18:55 – Who is Psychology for?

24:10 – What does ‘Success’ mean for a psychology professional?

29:40 – How do you look back and measure a job well done?

33:50 – Challenges in everyday psychology

40:00 – Battling the social stigma around mental health

Show Notes:-

If physical illness was treated like mental

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