Ep – #37 – Awakening the Rainmaker w/ Nishtha Anand

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.in/Awakening-Rainmaker-Guide-Gender-Equality-ebook/dp/B09HNTMW8V

In the latest episode of the podcast, I got a chance to speak with Ms. Nishtha Anand a best-selling author, Tedx Speaker, and previously a strategy professional in investment banking.

Nishtha, a gold medalist graduated from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi and has spent the last 10 years establishing herself as a collaborative young leader with the distinctive ability to ideate and implement transformation projects focused on people, processes and culture.

During her career, she witnessed a lack of women leaders in different arenas—corporates, academia, bureaucracy, etc. Driven by her passion for inclusion, she started work on her book, “Awakening the Rainmaker – A Guide to Gender Equality for Individuals and Organizations”, with a vision of forming an equality handbook for daily life and the workplace which is now the #1 ranked Human Resources book on Amazon.

In our conversation, we talk about the state of gender equality in India as things stand, the many nuanced topics from her book, and some crisp practical takeaways on implementing a truly gender neutral culture both at workplaces and households.

Check out Nishtha Anand’s work here on LinkedIn and Instagram.

What I LOVE(d) about the book?

At a time when most takes on feminism often seem to take a sullen tone at the state of affairs, Nishtha’s book as well as this conversation is a refreshing optimistic view that will have you look forward and proactive about building a truly gender neutral environment both at work and home.

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