Ep #18 – JPK – On Journalism, Career transition, Startup trends | Freshworks

In the second episode of Season 2, I had the pleasure of taking to the inimitable JPK,

In today’s episode, I have Jayadevan PK or JPK as he is fondly called, who works with the startup partnerships team at Freshworks as an evangelist, focusing on efforts around content and brand building to grow the visibility of the Freshworks for Startups program.

He’s the host of The Orbit Shift Podcast, co-host of The Use Case Podcast, a columnist at Moneycontrol, and a commissioned author at HarperCollins with his own book coming out later this year.

His views on startups and technology have been published on several platforms including the BBC, The Hindu, CNBCTV18, and Deutsche Welle.

In his previous avatar as a journalist and later an entrepreneur, he has helped set up early teams spanning product, design, technology, and editorial, raising capital, working closely with writers and editors, setup metrics and processes to track growth and performance, strategize and bring innovation to newsrooms. In 2015, he co-founded FactorDaily, an award-winning newsroom.

Episode Guide:-

00:00​ – 04:28​ – Who is JPK? What is your story?

11:30​ – Career transition from Media to SaaS

15:40​ – Craftsmanship at work

18:15​ – Ikigai – jumping through the hoops to land a fulfilling job

20:00​ – Avoiding the Rat Race

27:40​ – Developing a ‘Content and Happy’ mindset

32:30​ – Giving yourself the permission to fail

37:10​ – Reasoning the ‘irking’ towards media from the lens of the general public

48:10​ – Lesser talked about tech narratives you’re personally most excited about

55:00​ – Random deck

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