Episode #9 – Sahiba Sethi – Bootstrapping HelloMeets, Hustles, and Struggles.

In the latest episode, I sat down with Sahiba Sethi, Founder, and CEO of HelloMeets to get the story on how the HelloMeets platform came to be, life lessons she’s learned in the five years running HelloMeets, mistakes to avoid as a new founder and more.

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03:45 – Growing up in Kashmir

08:40 – Birth of HelloMeets

20:35 – That eery Netflix coincidence

21:25 – First few months between HelloMeets the idea and the first meet-up

26:00 – Mentors: Offline and Online

28:40 – Scaling the platform

31:50 – Why HelloMeets is a paid platform?

36:25 – Bootstrapped vs. Funding

40:00 – Misc: Dream dinner, Favorite books, Transformational habits

45:10 – What is one piece of advise for new founders?

49:45 – The Billboard message

50:50 – Reversing the tables: What is the Takeaway Club™ ‘s niche?

Show Notes:-

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