Episode #5 – Mukil Ganesan – Growth “Hacking”, Zoho times, and the Educational landscape.

In today’s episode, I have one of my close friends Mukil Ganesan – to share his learnings as a Marketer in the SaaS industry.

Mukil takes care of growth at Facilio, an enterprise startup focusing on the property management industry.

He’s one of those people, even in a 2-minute conversation will make sure you walk out learning something useful.

In this chat, we talk at length about:

-> Growth Marketing in SaaS and how it has evolved over time – and the skills you need to excel at it.

-> His time at Zoho – from being a nervous fresher to evolving into a kickass growth professional.

-> Why the ‘service’ centric Indian educational system is obsolete and how institutions can change it.

If you are a SaaS professional, particularly from Sales or Marketing this conversation is a gem!


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