Episode #15 – Karthik Subramanian – on the Art of Storytelling, Building a personal brand, Taking the startup leap.

In the latest episode of The Takeaway Club™ podcast, I talk to Karthik Subramanian, a kickass storyteller. He is pretty popular on LinkedIn, and there is a good chance you’ve come across at least one or two posts of his there. And If you haven’t for some reason, I’d urge you to connect with him… a treat of stories from startups to brands to history awaits you! 

I’ve known Karthik pretty much all my adult life – he was literally one of the first persons I interviewed with when I began my career out of college. We’ve had about half a dozen interactions since then and he never fails to amaze me – whether it is with his fascinating storytelling ability or his affable personality, or his sheer depth of knowledge in marketing. 

And anyone who has known him, or even interacted with him briefly will agree with me.

In a world of noisy LinkedIn posts and running behind vanity metrics, he is someone who is doing things the right way.

Whether you are trying to build a brand on LinkedIn, still finding your feet in your career, passionate about storytelling, there are a lot of golden gems in the conversation.

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Episode Guide:-

05:41 – Who is Karthik and what is his story?

09:57 – Secret Sauce to his storytelling ability


25:00 – Good Personal Branding vs. Bad Personal Branding

32:30 – Taking that Risk: Moving from a stable services job to an early-stage SaaS startup

36:52 – Throwback: An embarrassing encounter with Karthik straight out of college

40:45 – What is something that the service industry is doing really well that you SaaS can pick up?

47:08 – What are some of the common misconceptions about marketers?

49:00 – Random Deck

Show Notes:

Books Karthik mentions on the show:

Karthik mentions only 3 books on the air. But being a voracious reader, he had even more wonderful recommendations:

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