Episode #11 – Ankit Chawla – Personal Finance 101 Ft. Millennial Paisa man.

Personal finance – it is a lot like going to the gym.

You’ve heard enough to know how beneficial and life-defining a practice it can be.

Yet, there’s a lot of factors like – the lack of knowledge, the complex technical nitty-gitty, etc. that you simply don’t know where to start.

In the latest episode, I try to cut through the clutter around the world of personal finance by sitting down with Ankit Chawla, a personal finance consultant by passion who answers the most basic questions around the subject – providing the perfect bedrock for anyone interested in the subject.

Ankit runs a podcast called the Millennial Paisa, where he breaks down the most fundamental aspects of personal finance such as SIPs, Mutual funds, Stock market, in a simplified, easy to understand manner.

He is also the author of the book ‘Make and Grow Money the right way’ that gives a structured approach towards making and managing your money.

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Episode Guide:-

01:49 – Introducing the guest

03:42 – Where the passion for personal finance came from?

06:45 – Why millennials have this love-hate relationship toward money management?

09:05 – Kunal Shah’s poll on personal finance

11:20 – Best way to go about big-ticket purchases like two-wheelers, Macbooks, etc.

16:20 – Credit Cards: Who is it for and who is it not for?

22:25 – What is a Credit Score?

26:40 – What is an SIP? Why SIP is the perfect way to build financial discipline?

28:57 – Mutual Funds: Index funds

32:42 – Investing in the stock market for an average office-goer

37:08 – Small Case: Investing in ideas

38:45 – Ideal resources to get started on financial markets

Show Notes:-

  1. Tijori Finance
  2. Paisa Vaisa
  3. MoneyControl
  4. Small Case
  5. Make and grow money the right way 
  6. Millennial Paisa


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