Episode #1- Kaushik Kannan – Goals, Motivation, and Staying Fit.

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In this episode, Krishna catches up with Kaushik Kannan from Chargeebee – an orator in the making, Kaushik is also one of the brains behind the Chennai Storyteller’s tribe that has done a wonderful job connecting the sales and marketing community in the Chennai SaaS scene. Here, Kaushik candidly shares his thoughts on setting goals, staying motivated to reach those goals, and how going to the gym might just be the best decision one can make.


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8 Replies to “Episode #1- Kaushik Kannan – Goals, Motivation, and Staying Fit.”

  1. Harsh Kishor

    Haha! Kaushik is really multi-talented person I have ever met and know I became the part of StorytellersTribe.
    It was really great discussion krishna. I would love hear more podcasts from you.✌️

  2. Kaushik Kannan

    I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, Krishna. Thank you for having me over! 😄
    Wait, guess it was the other way around! 😂

    It was an absolute pleasure and nothing makes me happier than to be the first guest of THE Takeaway Club! An honor I’ll cherish.

    I have no doubt in my mind that you and the club will reach great heights! ❤️

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