Ep #36 – Decoding the OSlash hype w/Ankit Pansari | OSlash

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Scenes at OSlash website: Techies waiting for Early Access

“OSlash, OSlash, OSlash”

If you are in tech, you’d have definitely heard about the product at least once in the last few months – whether it was your team-mate or friend going gaga over the product after getting early access or someone on Twitter raving about OSlash’s viral marketing campaign.

For the first time since its explosion, Ankit Pansari, Co-founder and CEO at OSlash makes a podcast appearance decoding the hype behind one of the hottest prosumer product since the likes of Notion and Superhuman.

Apple Podcasts: https://cutt.ly/dUVQ6fe

Spotify: https://cutt.ly/BUVWrMB

Personal Thoughts:

I’ve been working in SaaS all my career (Sure, it’s only 3 years) but I’ve only seen a handful of B2B applications ticking all the boxes for a truly elite product: Marketing, Product Narrative, The ‘Aha’ Moment; the whole nine.

That, OSlash finds itself in the same realm as a Notion, Superhuman, Slack, Figma less than 18 months of founding is breathtakingly beautiful as a product enthusiast.

As for their viral video, I’d have sworn Nick Mehta directed it, if I didn’t know any better!

Verdict: The Hype is Real (Read in Simon Cowell’s voice)

(And if you are wondering, NO. Despite the very obvious gushing, this is not a promotion or collaboration of any kind with OSlash)

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