#1: Millennials at the ‘Margazhi’ gala

December is one of the most happening months of the year – the dashing through the snow; the one horn open sleigh; oh what fun days! While the West prepares for the season of joy, in downtown Chennai, we have our own celebrations – the riveting ‘Margazhi’ gala where you can find passionate Carnatic singers in flocks, almost at every turn.

While most gatherings have a typical persona (with a surprisingly large number of the retired SBI workforce), it does not prevent us, millennial kids, from taking in the good stuff ourselves.

Of course, our duties for the night differed: I was there to meet interesting folks and have a good conversation while the interesting folks were there for awards that recognized their insane talents.

Mental note: Next time when you have a conversation with Sid Sriram, put aside your foodie’s brain and ask something else other than his favorite chaat item.

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