#2 Aditi is a name. Aruvi is an emotion.

The Takeaway ClubThere’s only a handful of cult movies in Tamil that leaves your skin tingling when you come out of the theatres – and a fraction of that maybe? With the lady lead? Aruvi is one of those belonging to that elusive category.

If Aruvi sent chills down the spine with her opinions on consumerism, Aditi is that lovely girl next door, you can count on to help you out when things go south in your relationships.

A couple of excerpts from the lovely and fun-filled conversation:

Q. Which part was your favourite in the film? 
A: The whole film was one happy adventure for the entire team. I liked the school portions best as it was reminiscent of my own times.
Q. If you wanted someone else to portray the role of Aruvi, who would you want to do that?
A: Natalie Portman! 

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