Beat the Blues – Week #33 – Round-up

Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting content I came across in Week #33.

The week was more or less centered around a question that I am deeply passionate about – 

What is technology is doing to us?

What I am currently reading:- 

Zucked by Roger Mcnamee

An eye-opening book written by one of the earliest patrons and mentors of Zuckerberg. 

It talks about filter bubbles, the attention economy, and everything else that big tech giants have artificially induced into our lives.

A pleasant surprise was the author’s relationship with Tristan Harris (whom I personally admire a lot!), the founder of Centre for Humane Technology who has been rallying the industry to change its business model that preys on human attention.

What I’m listening to:- 

Your Undivided Attention

As a complement to the book, I stumbled onto this podcast produced by Centre for Humane technology (hosted by Tristan and team) that is again, a rally cry for the big boys in tech to change their ways before it is too late.

What I’ve been up to:-

Episode #13 – Hari Ganapathy – Love for Travel, COVID-19 Crisis, Learnings as a Leader

One of my personal favorite episodes as a host, I got to talk with Hari Ganapathy, founder and CEO at PickYourTrail, a travel startup that is disrupting vacations as we know it. 

Hari is an extremely smart person and to hear him talk about how his team is managing the current crisis as a travel company, how his leadership perspective is taking shape etc. is amazing.

What I am experimenting with:- 


In the past, I’ve been pretty vocal about Instagram’s quest to conquer user attention at all costs and even mildly discouraging my friends from using it. 

Personally, I find the platform to be the most sophisticated amongst all social media in terms of holding user attention.

While no platform is naive on this front, the fact that Kevin Systrom graduated from the famous class of ‘Persuasion Technology Lab’ by BJ Fogg, means he has a rare first-hand account of using persuasion technology (amongst tech founders) to keep its gullible users hooked.

But having never really used the platform myself, made it tough from me to comment on the impact it had on young people.

So here we go.

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