Beat the Blues – Week #30 Round-up

Hey, Champ!

Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting content I came across in Week #30 of 2020.

What I am looking forward to:- 

Poor Economics & Good Economics by Abhijit Bannerjee

My first paperback purchase in months – Poor Economics was a book I’d had in my wishlist for quite some time and thanks to a ‘steal deal’ from Flipkart, getting two for the price of (nearly) one. They should be here by Tuesday! 

P.S: Caveat: if you are looking to grab the deal, watch out for the quality. Few complaints.

The Michelle Obama Podcast 

A blockbuster Spotify exclusive, TMOP promises to be intriguing – the first guest? Barack Obama. If you are a fan of the former first lady, this one’s a must-add to your listen list.

Also nicely complements my current audible listen – Becoming. 

What I’m listening to:- 

Marc Andreessen — Lessons, Predictions, and Recommendations from an Icon (#163)

One half of the beloved, a16z, a.k.a Andressen Horowitz, this is a timeless conversation from one of the smartest folks in the valley.

Good Reads:-

The man with over 100 patents | Daimler > Magazine > Technology & Innovation

How does innovation thrive when your company grows beyond a threshold? 

The Mercedes Benz group seems to have figured it out. Highly recommend. 

Shoutout to the product wiz, Kishore for sharing this 🙂

A quote I am pondering:-

“The most reliable framework I’ve come up with for understanding people is ‘normie, aspie, or sociopath.” – Zack Kanter

 Here’s some additional context: 

  • Aspies excel in math, science, and engineering.
  • Sociopaths excel in politics, activism, and other status-seeking.
  • Normies excel in everyday life.

As Paul Graham puts, its ridiculous on first look until you try to test it out by bucketing people you know. 

Tweet I am sharing:-

The GREATEST Engagement picture ever. 

Here’s to a great week 🙂 

Krishna | Host, The Takeaway Club™

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