Beat the Blues – Week #24 Round-up

Here’s a curation of the most random and interesting content from different platforms that I came across last week.

What I am currently experimenting:-

Audiobooks 🎧

After lot of back and forth, I finally picked up audiobooks – while there are tradeoffs, I can get done with twice the number of books in the same period as before – I already finished one the past week (Losing my virginity by Richard Branson) and have 3 titles on the queue. 

What I am listening to:-

JRE MMA Show #97 with Henry Cejudo

Though audiobooks have taken a large chunk out of my podcast listening time, I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation from the Joe Rogan Experience – I’ve taken a recent interest in learning about Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC in particular, and hearing from one of the all-time greats was not a bad way to start. 

Good Reads:-

2015’s Best on the Business of SaaS (and Life)

Someone recently shared this amazing content curation from Chargebee way back from 2015 – it contains 42 brilliant pieces on a lot of things SaaS and comes in a kickass landing page that you just don’t want to bounce off. 

What I am watching:-

The Founder 

If Zuckerberg made you sick after watching The Social Network, Ray Kroc, “the founder” of McDonald’s gives him a run for his money. Must-watch for business enthusiasts. 

What I’ve been up to:-

Launching ‘Summer of Quora Tamil’  

We announced The Takeaway Club™ ‘s collaboration with Quora Tamil for its podcasting debut. 

I had a candid, bilingual chat with Selva Ganapthy, Head of Community for Quora Tamil on what  ‘Summer of Quora Tamil’  is all about and why it might just be the game-changer for the platform in the coming weeks.

A quote I am pondering:-

“Depression is like wanting to go home but already being there” – Anonymous 

I’ve admired SSR from his Kai Poche days, and it feels like a personal loss – like I’ve heard a lot of people feel at this point. In the spirit of trying to find a sliver of a silver lining, I hope this catalyzes a movement to break the stigma around mental health issues. 

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