Beat the Blues – Week #22 Round-up

Before this week’s round-up, my two cents:

Last week was a topsy-turvy one emotionally, to say the least – nothing reminds a species that we’re all one than looking us afar from millions of miles away from where we are nothing more than a pale blue dot. Yet, here we are, under the pretense that we are important, better than others, and believe in a barbaric made up system of “classes”.

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot Quote | Carl sagan, Pale blue dot ...

What I am currently reading 

That will never work by Marc Randolph

A memoir from the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix that talks about the initial years of the company in the late 90’s when an internet business wasn’t the obvious choice in the movie rental business. 

What I am listening to

Nathan Latka on Growth Hacking EverythingPomp Podcast

From making guests fight for a spot to be on his release list to selling 1000’s of copies of a book that didn’t even have a title – this is Nathan Latka’s success in his own words. 

A (RE) tweet I loved

When the #1 on the business endorses #2 

This gesture from Adidas shows the absolute need to take a stance. 

This issue transcends beyond business, economics, and everything else material. 

It’s a fight against a human’s greatest enemy – their worst instincts. 

What I am looking forward to 

SpaceX makes history!
When Elon Musk tweeted 5 mins to T-0 it was one small step for an eccentric visionary, one giant leap for every wild dreamer looking to make a dent in the universe!

A person I am closely following 

Radhika Bajoria – Senior Editor & Anchor at The Representative 

Radhika’s sharp, insightful pieces across business, tech, and startups are a great source to stay updated. If you are active on Linkedin, highly recommending following her profile. 

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