Introducing Beat the Blues: A Weekly Round-up of Interesting Content across platforms

When I was just starting out my career, one of the first things I was introduced to was Sadhana Balaji’s riveting storytelling, in the form of Chargebee’s SaaS/UnSaaS dispatch that I so looked forward to.

Fast forward some time, it was Tim Ferriss, who made me look forward to Fridays – with his 5-bullet Friday newsletter.

On weekends, it is Kaushik Kannan’s  #SundaySauce that added a dose of positivity to my day.

Of late, TheProdcast has taken up the place of beating Monday morning blues with enlightening discussions.

What do they all have in common?

A guarantee – that I will learn something new to help me become a better version of myself; professionally and otherwise.

Inspired by these wonderful initiatives, I am going to share a small curation every Monday – a highlight reel of the interesting things I came across in the previous week;

Here’s the first one.

Beat the Blues – Week #18: Round-up

What I am reading  – The Power of Meaning.

I ran into Emily Esfahani Smith’s Ted Talk a few years back, and it left a lasting impression instantly – The Power of Meaning makes a compelling case for why there’s more to life than pursuing happiness.

What I am listening to – Outliers: Season of Resilience – Girish Mathrubootham with Pankaj Mishra.

A goldmine of advice for early-stage founders and start-ups pondering how to deal with the current crisis. 

Tweet I am sharing – A happy scampering

A pleasing foal leaps about in joy – an instant mood lifter. Quarantine relief.

Quote I am pondering – “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

Picked from the podcast above, this is a beautiful reminder from Girish that no matter how dire a situation is, it is always you who gets to decide how to react to it.

What I have been up to:

I had a fantastic conversation with Kruti Pathak, an amazing talent development professional who inspires companies to rethink cultures and shape up the career of hundreds of young entrants to the job market.

You can catch the episode here.


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