Beat the Blues – Week #48 Round-up

Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting content I came across in Week #48

What I am currently listening to:- 

#65 – UPI’s Growth & Future | Deepak Abbot & Nikhil Kumar

Given how easy and synonymous digital payment apps have become with our everyday life, whether it is shopping or transferring money to a friend or booking tickets, it is easy to overlook the effort and infrastructure that took for us to get here – this episode from Bharatvaarta is a fantastic primer on the growth of UPI in India.

Good Reads:-

A Horror tale in 280 Characters:-

Listen very closely. This glass vial contains the culmination of our COVID-19 research. There are no others like it. Ensuring its safe delivery to the lab across the street is vitally important if we are to mass-produce a successful vaccine. This is your task. Godspeed, Mr. Bean.

A quote I really liked:- 

“Without conscious effort, inertia always wins.” – Tony Hsieh

A Tweet I am sharing:-

Peter Pham on Twitter: “Tony Hsieh was special. Just look at twitter & how every person he interacted with talked about him. This is the photo that I’ll remember him by.…”

Have a fantastic week,

Krishna | Host, The Takeaway Club™

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