Beat the Blues – Week #42 Round-up

Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting content I came across in Week #42 of the year.

What I am currently reading:- 

The Lessons of History by Will Durant 

With their accessible compendium of philosophy and social progress, the Durants take us on a journey through history, exploring the possibilities and limitations of humanity over time. Juxtaposing the great lives, ideas, and accomplishments with cycles of war and conquest, the Durants reveal the towering themes of history and give meaning to our own.

What I am listening to:-

Naval Ravikant on Happiness, Reducing Anxiety, Crypto Stablecoins, and Crypto Strategy (#473)

At this point, I’ve run out of words to describe Naval’s conversations – he just spent 2 hours talking to one of the best podcast interviewers. Listen to it already! 

Good Reads:

Quote I’ve been pondering:-

“Side-projects as a way to land a dream job are very underrated.” – Darshan Kajara

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