Beat the Blues – Week #20 Round-up

What I am reading currently – Why We Sleep by Mathew Walker 

One of Bill Gates’ recommendations from 2019, I finally picked up the book! 

Two chapters in, and I’m already spellbound at the marvel of our brain functions and how sleep plays such a vital role in running them smoothly

This is an A to Z on every question you’ve had on sleep – erratic pattern, vivid dreams, the effect of caffeine, and more. 

What I am listening to – Prodcast: Episode #30: No point talking about Product Management

Prodcast has been a Monday ritual to get power-packed product insights in recent months – and seeing the latest episode’s title set me aback. 

The hosts rightly take a detour from the usual theme to focus on something that’s arguably more important – addressing cyber-bullying.  

While the majority of us rely on tech to empower us, there’s an increasing group of miscreants – from scammers to bullies who are here to poison the well. And it is our job to protect what we’ve built. 

LinkedIn content that caught me eye 

When did that happen!?

One of the obvious knock-on effects of the crisis is, our news feeds are cluttered with the virus and I’ve personally missed out on many events that would normally appear in my TL. 

Here’s a post from that saves the headache with a neat round-up of important news from the SaaS world last week. 

“I hear graduation bells!”

Imagine everything you’ve done in college leading up to that one moment where you throw your hat with pride – and a virus decides to take that away. 

Rather than give in to it, celebrities have joined hands to inspire students through video calls.

Here’s a collection of the best ones:

Featuring Obama, Oprah, and more.  

A Tweet I am sharing 

Who knew Korean and Tamil had a strange connection?

What I’ve been up to

In Episode #4 of The Takeaway Club™, we had Karthee Vidya, Founder, Team Everest. 

We initiated an impromptu fund-raiser – for every person who listened to Karthee Vidya’s conversation, we’d donate a fixed sum to one of Team Everest’s volunteering programs. 

We set out with an ambitious target and landed up somewhere in the middle!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the episode, we’ve donated funds for 55 kids’ meal. 

P.S: We also released Episode #5 with Mukil Ganesan – a masterclass on growth. 

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