Beat the Blues – Week #19 Round-up

An interesting week with eclectic content coming to my attention including a kickass new podcast I stumbled onto!

What I am currently reading  – Loonshots by Safi Bahcall

An engaging narration of some of the “craziest” ideas in the world – I was deliberating on the purchase and then this review sold it for me.   

“This in every bestseller list and the whole world is raving about it, including the likes of Daniel Kahneman, Bill Gates, Adam Grant, Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, and Daniel Pink.

In short, don’t waste your time debating whether you should read it or not. Start reading.”

So far, it has been a great read!

What I am listening to – Everything is alive

What if everything you owned could come to life, like Toy Story? 

From your newspaper to shirts to mirrors! 

A brilliant, one-of-its-kind podcast where Ian Chillag the host interviews various inanimate objects. 

It is thought-provoking, light-hearted, and poignant – all at once.

A Tweet I am sharing – 3 things to beat stress.

    1. A reducer
    2. An outlet
    3. Deep Work

Deep thoughts: A Quote I am pondering: “Kindness is contagious”

What do you feel when you help people? 

Would the world be a better place if more people felt the same way?

And is it worth putting your act of kindness on public display – and risk the purity of benevolence decay into validation? 

A question I keep coming back to – it should you share your kind gestures on the internet?

Or does it defeat the purpose of helping people and turn it into a social contest? 

I for one am on the side of it is okay to do so – after all, you never know who you’ll inspire to do the same. 

What I’ve been up to – Raising funds for kids’ education

In the latest episode of The Takeaway Club™, I got a chance to speak with Karthee Vidya, founder of Team Everest NGO.

What’s the catch?

For every person who listens to the episode, The Takeaway Club™ will contribute for a kid’s meal. 

You can listen to the episode here:



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