Hey, there.

I am Krishna, a passionate storyteller and the host of The Takeaway Club™, a weekly podcast where I get to hear interesting stories of folks across different walks of life – some of the past guests include virologists, NGO leaders, top CEOs, and more.

Why do I run The Takeaway Club™?

We’ve all had those deep conversations over the years – be it with our friends, mentors, or even strangers that turned out to be a watershed moment in the way we looked at something.

And how many times we’ve wished we could go back to the exact place, having the same chat?

Well, thanks to tech, that’s not just wishful thinking anymore – so why not create a repository of deep conversations that I’d keep wanting to revisit, much like our favorite books.

While this explains the personal note; this is my way of creating such watershed moments thro’ deep candid chats with my guests – after all, there is always someone out there, for whom, a seemingly casual conversation on something random could just be the kicker they needed to do what they want to.

Case in point: I still vividly remember a chat with my mentor at my first job when I couldn’t comprehend how anyone can listen to an audio of two people chatting for 2:30 hours (JRE, looking at you).

Then he said something in passing on the lines of, imagine getting to hear a host talk to someone like Elon Musk or Tristan Harris for 2 hours uninterrupted – no school or even, dare I say, books could teach that!

That was my watershed moment which eventually led me here.

For people listening to my episodes, I want to create that moment.

You never know. I just want to do my small part as the messenger, in the grand scheme of things.

TL;DR: An Indianized version of the Joe Rogan Experience + The Tim Ferriss Show covering candid chats with guests from eclectic fields.

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